Space that Works, a community featuring a range of live-work and co-working solutions

Housing Site in West London, 2020

Space That Works 01

Space That Works’ is a project that explores the future of living and working in an ever-changing global political, envir­on­mental and social context. It responds to a community’s need for greater social capital – a desire to incubate effective functioning of social groups through inter­per­sonal relation­ships, a shared sense of identity, under­standing, and values, trust, cooperation, and reciprocity. In this design, these shared norms and identities are forged through a creation of independent communities that live and work communally. 

This concept was borne of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, creating a need and desire for suitable and sustainable solutions to working from home and being able to live a fulfilling lifestyle within a walk/​cycle radius from home. 

Space That Works 03

The community features a range of live-work and co-working solutions, suitable for the generation of Digital Nomads’ and future lockdown scenarios, in doing so creating a low carbon footprint for its suburban citizens.

Space That Works 02

As seen in this years RA Summer (Winter) Exhibition 2020