House near Petersfield

West Sussex, 2010

424 Terwick Image 01
424 Terwick Image 01

The new villa is a bespoke house for a private client with a floor area of approx­im­ately 520 square metres plus out buildings on a site of five acres.

The house replaces an earlier 20th Century structure on the site. it is set at the edge of a wooded area and commands striking views of the South downs across a meadow and low valley.

424 Terwick Wood 06
424 Terwick Wood 02
424 Terwick Wood 07

The north and south halves of the central courtyard have been infilled with steel and glass construc­tions which include a ship’s deck-like structure of horizontal pierced beams supporting the main glass roofs. Integration of services has played a key part in this Grade II listed building complex demanding close collab­or­ation with English Heritage and the Local Authority throughout.

Client: Private

Filed to: Living Spaces

424 Terwick Wood 04
424 Terwick Wood 01