House near Petersfield

West Sussex, 2010

424 Terwick Image 01
424 Terwick Image 01

The new villa is a bespoke house for a private client with a floor area of approx­im­ately 520 square metres plus out buildings on a site of five acres.

The house replaces an earlier 20th Century structure on the site. it is set at the edge of a wooded area and commands striking views of the South downs across a meadow and low valley.

424 Terwick Wood 06
424 Terwick Wood 02

Early options considered a modulated monolithic building but further study led to the final artic­u­lation into three elements. A central entrance and staircase hall. To the west the reception room (salon approached through a dedicated library area) with the master bedroom over including a lobby and two bathrooms. To the east five bedrooms at first floor extending southwards over the ground floor containing study, with subsequent open plan comprising kitchen area flowing into a family area and dining room which opens to a covered terrace. 

Client: Private

Filed to: Residential

424 Terwick Wood 07
424 Terwick Wood 04
424 Terwick Wood 01