Archaeological Site of Stobi

Macedonia, 2016

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In 2016 Dannatt, Johnson won the competition for the protective covering and present­ation of the complex of fourth- and fifth-century Episcopal basilicas and the quatrefoil baptistery at the archae­olo­gical site of Stobi, situated on a ridged peninsula at the confluence of the Crna and Vardar rivers in the Former Republic of Macedonia. This is a site of inter­na­tional importance, which contains twenty-six exposed buildings, including a theatre, synagogue, palaces, houses, basilicas and baths. 

The structural ordering of the proposed new protective covering is of gridshell form constructed from small inter­locking oak section beams that are supported on a continuous ring beam, the flexibility of which will allow the support columns to be arranged to suit the archae­olo­gical remains. The gridshell, covered by toughened or laminated solar-resistant glazing, will create a shallow dome as it settles into position. The jointing of the glazing will allow for movement independ­ently of structure, in order to counter any seismic instability. Beneath the covering, timber walkways at varying levels will provide access and viewing platforms.

Client: National Institution Stobi

Filed to: Heritage

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