Natural History Museum, ADNA Laboratory

South Kensington, 2013

Dannatt, Johnson Architects provided design development for the new laboratory for the extraction and examination of DNA from ancient specimens.for the Palaeontology department. Although the space available for the facility was restricted by the physical constraints of the existing collections area, the laboratory has been rigorously planned in consultation with stake­holders (including an open house consultation’ with wider palae­on­tology staff) to meet the specific require­ments for ventilation and specialist equipment to support the process. This clean room laboratory has a dedicated lobby for staff changing and preparation to enter the positively pressurised space, to ensure no contam­inants are introduced. 

470.1 NHM Adna 05
470.1 NHM Adna 04

The laboratory has a new lighting system which operates in LED for working, and specialist UV lighting to maintain clean room conditions. An interlocked access control system has been introduced to ensure a high level of both pest/​contaminant management and security is maintained.

Client: Natural History Museum

Filed to: Culture and Community

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