Our celebration of the life and varied works of Trevor Dannatt RA is currently being exhibited as a part of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021. Trevor was also an artist in addition to his considerable accomplishments as an architect and teacher and made a point of contributing sketches, drawings and paintings every year to the Summer Exhibition, which raises funds for the RA’s own post-graduate School of Art through the sale of the artworks shown.

Exhibited together with a bronze bust sculpted by Aidan Crawshaw are three models by his own hand; each representative of a different strand of artistic exploration, just as his architecture always sought to combine and drawn on conceptual and diverse artistic ideas in its resolution of architectural needs.

Alongside this are several hand-rendered architectural drawings, indicative of his era-spanning career in which he created an undeniably modern architecture that was nevertheless imbued with respect for traditional techniques and materials.

Rasummer2021 1
Rasummer2021 2